Projet de conception de jardin et consultation – 2011 – Garden design project and consultation

Gamme – range: $1, 000 – $3, 000

”Un esprit ouvert avec des solutions élégantes tout dans le respect du budget. Excéllente connaissances de végétaux de types variés et indigènes qui s’agencent harmonieusement avec le style d’aménagement et l’environnement.”

Michel F. – Chambly Fort, QC – 2012


Projet de conception d’aménagement paysager et consultation – 2012 – Landscape design and consultation services

Gamme – range: $1, 500 – $5, 000

”My company owns 2 commercial buildings approximately 100 years old. They have a ton of character and their charm will be greatly enhanced with the exterior landscaping plan Espaces Viridis provided us. Pierre Duranleau very quickly understood are needs and was able to provide a plan that met our budget and over exceeded our expectations. I would recomend Espaces Viridis to anyone who values their property aesthetics!!”

Rod B. – Toronto, ON, Canada – 2012


Projet de conception et réalisation de terrasse – 2012 – Rooftop garden design and construction project

Gamme – range: $20, 000 – $50, 000

”We contracted with Espaces Viridis to design and implement a garden on two terraces. These included designing large boxes for trees and plants, and working with a carpenter to make sure they were built to specification and buying the trees and plants and planting them. Espaces Viridis was helpful, knowledgeable, provided education for us about the possibilities and limits, was easy to work with, honest and direct. The project was a little late but reasons were clearly explained. We will do a little more with the company again, I highly recommend Espaces Viridis.”

Eric S. – Montréal, QC – 2012


Projets de conception de jardin et d’aménagement paysager – 2012 – Garden design and landscaping projects

Gamme – range: $20, 000 – $50, 000

”Notre parcours avec Espaces Viridis peut être qualifié de “Sans faute”!!! La qualité du travail n’a d’égal que la gentillesse, la disponibilité et la créativité de ses artisans. Ils ont su comprendre nos besoins, nos préférences et le style particulier que nous voulions donner à notre environnement. Les échanges furent toujours constructifs et ils nous offrent un rare équilibre entre l’expertise et l’écoute.

Nous avons particulièrement apprécié le lien de confiance qui s’est développé avec eux et qui s’est consolidé au fur et à mesure de l’avancement des travaux qui respectaient toujours les ententes que nous avions prises.

N’hésitez pas à retenir leurs services pour embellir votre univers.”

Anne R. et Marc-Simon D. – Montréal, QC – 2012


Projet d’aménagement paysager (rénovation de jardin) – 2012 – Landscaping project (garden renovation)

Gamme – range: $1,000 – $10,000

I am a designer and contractor operating primarily in Westmount, Montreal’s city centre as well as Outremont and Town of Mount Royal. My company, specializes in a personalized renovation service with a particular focus on design.This past summer, it was my pleasure to engage the services of Espaces Viridis for one of my residential projects in Westmount. Pierre Duranleau and his team were called in to solve some particularly challenging issues on my client’s property in the course of a general renovation we were carrying out. My client had recently bought the property and wished to streamline and upgrade the existing overgrown garden, as well as integrate large, newly installed air conditioning compressors into the landscape design.Mr. Duranleau brought creative and cost effective solutions to the challenge. He and his team worked efficiently and cleanly to execute their work in a particularly difficult environment. He was courteous, punctual and made a point of coordinating his work with our team’s activities – a most welcome approach for a general contractor, such as myself, managing the participation of many subtradesBased on my experience with Espaces Viridis, I can without hesitation recommend Pierre Duranleau and Espaces Viridis for any landscaping project.
Gerry B. – Montréal, QC – 2012

Projets de conception de jardin et d’aménagement paysager – 2013 – Garden design and landscaping projects

Gamme – range: $20,000 – $50,000

I was looking for someone I could work directly with to remodel my backyard and deck. Pierre was perfect! He and I developed the design together. He is very flexible and accommodated my priorities by creating novel ideas for both the garden and the structural elements. Then he took on the role of contractor and hired the stone, metal and carpentry people to complete the entire job!. My dream come true. He was always quickly available for questions and last minute modifications such as the ‘roots of my favorite tree were too vulnerable’ as I ran yelling into the yard to stop the backhoe! Job was finished on cost and on time.
Lorraine Brooke and Bill Kemp, Montréal, QC – 2013

Projets de conception de jardin et d’aménagement paysager – 2013 – Garden design and landscaping projects

Gamme – range: $1,000 – $10,000

Nous avons été très satisfaits avec le travail d’Espaces Viridis. Pierre Duranleau est une personne consciencieuse et très professionnelle. Grâce à son expérience dans le domaine, il nous a conseillé dans la réalisation de nos projets tout en restant à l’écoute de nos besoins. C’est une personne qui est très disponible. De la conception à la réalisation du projet, il a toujours été présent. De plus, il a su s’entourer de personnes très compétentes ce qui a rendu le travail au final plus que satisfaisant. Nous avons une deuxième phase au projet et sans hésitation, nous allons reprendre les services d’Espaces Viridis pour cette deuxième partie.
Nous recommandons fortement l’équipe de Pierre Duranleau.


Pascale Laurent et Yves Loiselle, Montréal, QC – 2013


Projets de conception et d’aménagement de jardin – 2014-2015 – Garden design and landscaping projects

Gamme – range: $1,000 – $10,000

”Pierre created an “Asian Inspired Garden” for me this past summer.
He was given the challenge of filling two small spaces on either side of my entrance way. The budget was small and Pierre had to find durable, but unusual plants that would both mask some unsightly areas, but highlight others. He paired the plants- some of my own as well as a number of new ones (which we shopped for together) with a small pagoda I had bought for the garden. A bed of river rock wound the eye to areas of interest and black mulch was laid for the areas containing plants. The end result was dubbed ” my lovely garden” and Pierre was an endless source of inspiration and knowledge as well as extremely pleasant to work with”


Heidi and Abe, DDO, QC – 2014-2015


Projet de conception et réalisation de jardin résidentiel – 2015-2016 – Residential garden design and garden construction project

Gamme -range: $30,000 – $60,000

Pierre has been a pleasure to work with over the past 2 years. He completely re-modeled and replanted our front- and backyard in Westmount, turning it into an oasis of color and tranquility. He is easy to talk to, readily available for questions and concerns and always puts the customer first. His creative energy and emphasis on sustainable garden design are remarkable. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been in Pierre’s capable professional hands and look forward to working on further projects with him.


Ingrid and Patrick, Westmount, QC – 2015-2016


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