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The Design process consists of three main phases:

Information gathering and Site analysis 

The information gathering process occurs during the first visit. An interview is conducted during this preliminary visit in order to determine the most important priorities and desires to be considered for the creation of your new garden based on your budget. Clients are encouraged to provide as much information and as many documents as possible to help in the fact gathering process (e.g. magazine clippings, photographs, favorite garden styles and plant list, etc.). A recent localization plan of your property is requested at this stage in order to obtain accurate dimensions of your property.

Concept development (planning phase)

Based on the information gathered during the preliminary visit, a concept for your garden is developed. A typical concept drawing, for example, can contain planting bed placements and configurations, and if applicable, footprints of various built elements such as decks and pergolas. If the design project includes such built structures as decks, pergolas, and fences for example, then separate detailed plans are required. Once the concept drawing and/or plan is completed, a second visit is arranged whereby the concept drawing and/or plan is presented to you. If any modifications to the design concept are required, they must be addressed at this second stage of the process before the final plan(s) is/are delivered to you.    

Delivery of completed plans

This is the final phase of the design process. At this stage, the planting strategy is developed culminating in the planting plan, which is then refined and completed. Moreover, if there are any modifications pertaining to built structure plans, then these are also refined and completed. Lastly, the final design documents and plans are presented to you at our third visit. 


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